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CA Technologies - Booth

20' x 20' booth for RSA Conference in San Francisco.  The team also did a matching booth that was slightly larger for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  I was the booth designer on the job under the creative direction of Paul Hammond.  The agency of record was Gail & Rice.

The client wanted a reflection of their product, cloud security software.  So I gave them a cloud.  Originally I would have liked the cloud shapes to be aluminum frame with internally lit milk plex sides.  However budget dictated a change to timber with a very well done paint job.  The whole assembly was assembled in 2 days by Pinnacle Exhibits.

I kept a parallel set of CAD and SketchUP models for this job.  The CADs naturally are dull and practical, but if you are dying to see them, I'm happy to provide them.  This job went through roughly ten revision cycles, which is pretty standard for a smaller job like this.  I do a new revision numbers whenever there is a material change somewhere on the booth. So if the carpet color changes, it gets a new revision number.  That way no one should be able to say I missed a revision.

Click image below to open gallery.

CA Technologies Booth RSA
CA Technologies Booth Front
RSA Booth Interior.
RSA Booth Other Front
MWC Booth Side Elevation
MWC End Elevation
MWC Lounge Area
MWC Booth Interior
RSA Booth Monitor Front
RSA Model
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