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I was the Designer and Creative Director at Moose Exhibits when we built the Pak-Lite/Selit booth for Surfaces International 2020 and a similar booth for the Domotex USA 2020 show.  For Surfaces I had a 20'x40' area to work with and Domotex I had 20'x20'.  It was a good opportunity to develop a unified architectural language for booth booths.  Surfaces was their primary show and wanted to make an impact.  I was able to give them a lot of vertical height which help negate the necessity of a hanging sign.  By doing a raised floor and defining the perimeter with large wide, but thin in depth columns that transitioned to an overhead canopy I kept their space intimate.

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Model view of front of the booth.

Pak-Lite Surfaces - Front Corner

As built image on show floor just prior to opening.

Pak-Lite Surfaces

End view into product gallery. All displays custom designed to fit their products, yet size agnostic to fit any of their products.

Pak-Lite Surfaces

Lounge/cafe end. The client wanted a lounge area for clients to sit and rest, plus do business. The railing was done to help define this end of the booth.

Pak-Lite DOMOTEX USA 2020

This is the smaller 20'x20' booth I designed for Domotex. Same architectural language, same product lines, just a smaller space.

Pak-Lite Domotex 2020

Nearly show ready, well our booth was anyway. This is one day prior to show and we were done with the build way ahead of schedule.

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