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Spa Design

These are two recent spa common areas I designed.  The client was originally a residential client, but she liked my work and asked me to take a stab at conceptual design for a couple of the spas her company was proposing.

Please give the renderings couple seconds to load.  Photo realistic renderings take longer to load versus native SketchUP renderings.  Thank you.

Click image below to open gallery.

Kimpton Waiting Area

Waiting area for a spa that was proposed for a 3rd floor space in a DT building. The round drum ceiling light fixtures are existing and I designed the space around them. There are several light and sound therapy pods in the waiting area. They don't require a lot of privacy and are more of an out in the open treatment. I wanted the space to fell LUSH and natural, a contrast to the city environment the spa is in.

Kimpton Reception

The is the reception area. As this spa isn't a long term build out, I went with a rolling reception desk and simple, easy to relocate furnishings and design elements.

Kimpton Transition

This is the path from the reception area (in the distance) to one of the waiting areas.

Kimpton Waiting and Light Therapy
Conrad Lobby

This is another urban retrofit. Minimal changes could be done to the buildings, but I did have freedom to select light fixtures, sales cabinetry, etc.

Conrad Lobby 2
Conrad Lobby Overhead

Overhead view of the reception and waiting area.

Conrad Treatment Rooms

These are three of the upstairs treatment rooms. I jogged the wall to add some interest to the space and make it less typical.

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