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Toyota Rock and Roll Marathon

I did the set design for the Toyota Rock and Roll Marathon in Los Angeles for several years.  Campos Creative Works was the agency that had the account and I was brought in to do the physical set design.  The graphic design was handled by others. 

Click image below for gallery view.

Outdoor Set - Race End

Conceptual design on how things could be laid out at the end of the marathon.

Outdoor Set - Race End
Outdoor Set - Race End
Outdoor Set - Race End

One year they had a large inflatable record as part of the set.

Indoor Festival Area
Indoor As-Built

The indoor festival area.

Indoor Set - Start Festival
Indoor Festival Area
Indoor Set - Overall.
Personal Data Acquisition

I thought it would be nice to build the data acquisition station into actual road cases. They packed down nicely and could be rolled about.

Outdoor Kit

Overall view from the inflatable record year.

Outdoor Set.
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