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Wencor & Essex Furukawa

Two jobs I had in progress that were postponed by Covid to a date in the future, hopefully.  Wencor was an existing client, though I didn't do their booth last time. They had a slightly large space this year (25% bigger) and wanted a more refined and upscale feel to their booth. I wanted to downplay big logos and make it more like an upscale clothing showroom, going with lots of wood and nicer materials and accessories. It came in over budget, but they loved it so they signed up right away. I worked in two private meeting spaces upstairs, one communal table downstairs for eight, a bar, and a lounge.

For Essex Furukawa, in the the past they had a large back wall and the booth felt very rote, go here do this. I wanted to create a space that could be approached from all sides and was equally pleasant no matter where you went on the booth. The ceiling of the arch has a backlit scrim, with brand colors lighting from above.

Click image below for gallery view.

Wencor Pitch 01

Wencor was a client of my past firm for a couple shows. This year (2019) they wanted something new and more upscale. I hadn't done their previous booths, so I went in with fresh eyes and developed this. Recently I started re-rendering out my drawings with a nicer more photo realistic rendering program. They take a bit long to populate, so I beg a little patience.

Wencor Pitch 02
Wencor Pitch 03
Wencor Pitch 04
Wencor Pitch 05
Wencor Pitch 06
Wencor Pitch 07

What I pitched was over budget, by like 15%, but they loved it. So I won the job.

Wencor Pitch 08

I creative directed the whole concept on this job. The client loved the minimal branding and higher quality finishes like the zebra wood, full length SEG gfx on the second floor and halo lit logos.


For Essex Furukawa they wanted something more refined and elegant. In the past they had a large back wall that dominated and felt too heavy. I proposed this off balanced arch and they loved it.


The ceiling of the arch would have/will have scrim and be lit from above in brand colors.

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