Ericsson, Santa Clara

For Ericsson, I reached out to an old friend to see if he needed help with anything, I certainly needed work at the time.  Jim Wylie, co-founder of Envy-Create did indeed need help and I jumped into the Ericsson job as Interior Designer.  Ericsson wanted to change their product gallery in their headquarters in Santa Clara.  The only hang-up was the timeline, I had three weeks to design it, get it approved, get it fabricated and get it installed before the client had their opening event.  It went very smoothly, with only one major revision and approval being completed within 7 days.  Our fabricator, DFG of Anaheim CA was then released to begin building all the parts and pieces.  I was able to sign off on things in a timely manner, flew out to CA and supervised the installation over the course of four days.

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Daniel Shenise, Environments + Events + Experiences